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This Month in Kemah: Events Near Our RV Park in Kemah, TX

This month in Kemah there is a lot of entertainment that will satisfy most tastes.

There is Contemporary Music like that offered on the Boardwalk Plaza by the popular “The Fab 5 Rock the Dock Band. They have played in Kemah several times and they are well received by the guests who are enjoying the Kemah Entertainment experience. This band will entertain you so come to enjoy the fun, in a unique venue. Be one of the many who come to experience the sounds of this group. You will not be unhappy about choosing this experience. So come to the Kemah Boardwalk.

Another great entertainer is Aaron Watson who offers Country and Western Music. He will also be appearing on the Boardwalk Plaza. And like The Fab 5, he has also appeared in Kemah on several occasions. The Country and Western Music people love his music and they keep coming back for more. so if you are interested in Country Music please do not miss this opportunity to hear some really good Country Music.

This month the Boardwalk is having a Boardwalk Bark-a-thon. This gives interested parties the opportunity to adopt a pet. It also gives pets lovers the chance to see some beautiful animals who they may just fall in love with. It is also a great place to people watch. If you are RV Camping in a Kemah Campground with your pet, it is a great time for your pet to make new friends.

Some additional entertainment can be found at the Restaurant T-Bone Toms which is located on Hwy 146 in Kemah. This month they have Jeff Lopez and Sheila Marshall Band. These bands have played at this restaurant for several years and the restaurant customers have always endorsed they appearances by turning out in large numbers. This restaurant has been popular for many years with good food and entainment.

The Kemah Restaurant “Swamp Shack” also is having the entertainer Robert Greaney who I do not know but this Restaurnant is known for presenting good Music at this location.

Additionally the Kemah Boardwalk is starting the Summer by offering a Weekend Adventure Pass so that you can enjoy the Amusement Park entertainment and rides. This is a fun experience for both the young and old. It is located right on Galveston Bay. So If you are enjoying a RV Park in Kemah with the children do not miss the chance to experience the Boardwalk Amusement Park.

Other Kemah news is the City of Seabrook that located immediately north of Kemah was had a city election that resulted in some new city officials which was of great local interest. These small communities where everyone knows each other creates a strong community response to political matters.

Also this month for local interest is the fact that the Shrimp Season ended. This effects the livelihood of many fisherman and shrimpers in the Galveston Bay Communities. It is also important to note that the Red Snapper season started so many of the Commercial Fisherman can start going after Red Snapper. That will mean that Restaurants will be offering this delicious fish for the summer months.

If you are coming to stay at Kemah in a Kemah RV Resort, please look into one of the Premier Area Parks which has large sites and meet all your camping needs. That Resort is Bay RV Park.


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