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Local Favorite Summer Activities Near Texas City RV Parks

Now that Summer is here, RV Park Texas City campers are starting to enjoy the many activities that are available in the area. The Texas City Dike is a great venue to enjoy water sport activities. The Dike is a man made structure made of stone and earth. It goes 5 miles into Galveston Bay. There is a large area to swim with a sandy beach. Portable toilets are available together with picnic tables which allow for different types of entertainment. Campers and vacationers can indulge in any type of game or sport they may like to enjoy. The dike is also usually not as crowded as the Galveston beach.

Additionally the Dike is basically a 5 mile long fishing pier that is used year around. All kinds of fish are caught on a daily basis.

Entertaining Activities that Texas City RV Park Customers Can Enjoy This Month

Shananigans BBQ Cook Off 820 34th St. N – This local Bar & Grill has several adult entertaining activities this month.

Texas City Live Bar and Grill 1431 9th Ave N – Pro Wrestling – This is fun if you have not watched it live.

Lago Mar 3240 Lago Mar Blvd. – Lagoonfest This is a 12 acre man made lake. They are starting the Summer with all kinds of water sports and fun. They have kayaks that you can paddle all around the pond and stop at points of interest. The paddle that the kayak users use is unique and is fun to learn to use. It is completely different then canoeing. It is a fun experience. Largo Mar also has paddle boards that are a great thing for teenagers to play with. You stand on a board that looks like a surfboard and you use a long handled paddle to propel you though the water. You have to have good balance to stay on the board while you paddle. Additionally you can rent a sailboat and sail around the lake. If you have no experience, the lake is small enough to not get in trouble. You just go to the nearest bank of the lake and walk back to the rental area. Additionally they have a Catapult swing on the water near the swimming area. If RV Campers have children this is a great place to spend the day.

Texas City Spring Fling – This is a park setting and is a great way is spend an afternoon. There will be a rummage sale which is like a flea market where all sorts of things are for sale. Vendors will be selling food which may encompass some local tastes that are unique to South Texas. This will allow RV Campers to enjoy local food offerings.. Additionally there will be outdoor games that the children always enjoy.

Bayou Golf Course – Golf Tournament This is Texas Cities golf course which has a bayou running along the northern edge. It is local off loop 192 and Hwy 146 and is conveniently located for RV Campers staying at Bay RV Park.

Car Show – Bronco Burritos Come see all the unique cars that are an enthusiast dream and talk to the people who own and built them. Car enthusiast never get tired of looking at cars of every age, shape and color.

Redfish Reach – Texas City Dike Catamaran Race from Dike to Redfish Island which is a little south of the Kemah Boardwalk. Catamarans are faster then other sailing craft and if the wind is up you will see an exciting race with some vessels turning over.

Nessler Park Shrimp Boil – This is another event where RVers can indulge in local flavors and it is a fun activity for everyone.

So if you are thinking of camping in the Galveston Bay Area, look at the great rates that Bay RV Park offers and with our friendly staff we will try to meet all your needs. HAPPY CAMPING!

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